Day 5- Westport to Bundoran- 100 miles!!

Pete and Steve did brilliantly today. Set off from Westport about 8.45 and have ridden through showers and sunshine with gusty winds (running out of descriptions of blowy etc). They managed 28 miles before stopping for coffee and 71 before lunch at Sligo – impressive. Steve reckons their average speed was 13.3 mph today. They made it to Bundoran just before 7pm, very pleased with themselves and looking forward to a hot bath and a steak dinner, washed down with Guinness of course! Unbelievably it is the last day of cycling tomorrow – 91 miles to Malin Head. We have stopped looking at the weather forecast!
When in Ireland…
Those of you thinking that these place names sound romantic and attractive, beware! Whilst Westport was a pretty town, Bundoran is most definitely not – a seaside resort stuck in the 1940s with the aroma of chip fat, fag ash and wee. Rosemarie used to come here as a child and was heartbroken to see it like this and not as she remembered it. We will not be returning……
Tomorrow takes us through Donegal so expect us all to return in fetching tweeds.

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