Day 4- Galway to Westport

Good start to the day – although it was a bit grey and and overcast, it wasn’t raining or windy, and the route turned out to be less hilly than the last few days. There were more cyclists out and about, but not many heading in our direction.
The scenery is stunning – coastal views and inland lakes, heather hills and flocks of sheep. The roads are good and there is not that much traffic. Stopped for lunch at Clifden, quite a big town, and we had cycled roughly 60 miles to get to this point. A triple decker sandwich was soon consumed and we set off for the next leg to Westport. The weather was more changeable in the afternoon, and we were on a mission – Steve’s great auntie Mary Coyne’s resting place is in a cemetery near Letterfrack – it was actually on a hillside overlooking Baugone and took some detective work and a bit of luck to find. Steve had to use his best donkey herding skills to clear the road. Auntie Mary has a fine outlook and Steve was very chuffed to find her!
After this it was onwards to Westport and it was relatively late (almost 7) by the time we got there but all in one piece. Total cycled today was over 90 miles (can’t be completely accurate because someone turned the Strava off by mistake!) So, over halfway now and heading for Bundoran tomorrow – about 85 miles we think. Weather forecast not particularly promising but we’ll see.
P.S. There was cake and lots of it but Pete wolfed it down too quickly for a photo!

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