Day 3- Kilrush to Galway

Day 3 has been very peculiar – Storm Ali arrived as promised and the winds were too strong to cycle safely so decided on a later breakfast and a reassessment. Set off from Kilrush about 10.30 and drove for 30 miles before stopping for coffee in Ennistimon. It was further inland so not quite so blowy and they set off about 12.30 in brighter skies and with good spirits – there was a limit to how much of our singing they could stomach.


They made good time to Kilvarra and then pressed on to Oranmore, making the most of the following wind. After here they hit Storm Ali and had to deal with rain, hail and strong headwinds so went considerably more slowly for a few miles. Arrived in Galway about 5.30 in good spirits and all in on piece still. They have cycled about 45 miles today although it felt like much more. Average speed was 13 mph although this did rise to 20mph at times! Bradley Hoy-Willetts is currently working on how to make up the mileage in the next few days but this will depend on the weather. It is still very windy and wet and the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. Still, they are very encouraged by people’s donations and will be working hard tomorrow.
Meanwhile, for the ladies – much excitement for Penny at the Burren – a geographical feature par excellence, a herd of cows, a perfumery and a chocolate shop. The aroma in the car is definitely ‘Eau de Mamil’ and no amount of open windows seems to cure it.
Onwards to Westport tomorrow!

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