Day 1 – Mizen Head to Kenmare

Blog entry kindly provided by Penny Willetts:

Day one - 1

So far so good, although not without minor dramas. Due to roadworks on the M4 Steve and Rosemarie made it to the ferry with the bikes and the luggage by the skin of their teeth – good job as there was no plan B. Meanwhile Pete and I were quaffing cake and bubbly at his Auntie Pam’s 90th. No dramas with the flight to Cork. Woke to ‘dreich’ weather but not actually raining or cold. Drove to Mizen Head which was VERY blustery and the boys set off about 11.30. Steve sustained the first bruising of the trip by walking into a bollard whilst looking at the view! The first half of the ride was about 25 miles to Bantry where we had a good lunch at the Box of Frogs café.

Day one - Pete and Steve lunch


Then a much hillier and wetter ride to Kenmare – about 30 miles so 55 miles in total. As Steve said ‘ a ride of two halves’. Still raining now – I believe it’s called soft weather over here – but hoping it will be clear tomorrow and that hurricane Helene will pass overnight. Meanwhile we are off to the laundrette to dry stuff off for tomorrow. We plan to do 80 miles tomorrow to Kilrush.

Day one - 3

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