Ready for the ride

It’s the last few days before my ride and I’m feeling good, although I haven’t done as many miles as I had intended. I went 41 miles to Pewsey and back, and last week cycled to my son Tom’s in Didcot and back – that was 61 miles and nearly 3,000 feet elevation. I was going to cycle to my daughter Sophie’s house in Kent (that would have been 95 miles one way) but I had a gear problem with my bike that has been rumbling on for about 3 weeks – I haven’t been able to get into high gears. Thanks to Sean and (finally) the local bike shop, it is now resolved. I still went to Sophie’s by car but dug her garden and walked the dog instead.
We are now ready for the off, although the travel arrangements are a bit complex – Penny and I are going via my aunt’s 90th birthday in Birmingham, and we are flying from Birmingham to Cork whilst Rosemarie Derrick and Steve Tippins are driving to Fishguard, complete with bike carrier, for the ferry to Rosslare. We will meet up in Cork on Sunday night if everything goes to plan.
You can check out my training rides and routes on Strava:
I am so grateful for all the funds raised so far and the amazing difference it will make for both causes. You can check out my fundraising page and donate to encourage every mile I cycle at:

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